Monday, March 06, 2006

Arrival in Santa Cruz de Yojoa

Everyday is a new adventure. I wake up to the sounds of roosters and dogs without knowing what to expect. I have 3 months of training in Santa Lucia and Santa Cruz in language, technical, and cultural aspects before being sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

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Melissa said...

Maryanne -

I was a PC in Sta Cruz de Yojoa from 2001-2003. I lived in Bo Bella Vista with the Familia de Baldemar Turcios and I use to hang out at Pulperia El Centro on the corner of parque central ran by the Sabillon family. If you happen to still be there, go by and meet them...they are wonderful people.

I hope you have a great experience in Honduras. I loved it and miss it every day.

RPCV Honduras 01-03