Saturday, June 14, 2008

We've left Colombia now and are in Quito, Ecuador. Tomorrow we are flying out for a cruise in the Galapagos Islands! We spent the last few days on express buses (a total of about 50 hours in bus) travelling from the north coast of Colombia down to Quito, with only a one-day stop along the way in the beautiful city of Bogota. We successfully walked across the border into Ecuador and made it to the tour office in time to pay for our Galapagos vacation (although we had to struggle to hold onto our bags at the bus station in Tulcan to keep about 6 bus companies from pulling them in different directions). Unfortunetely we didn't make it to the beaches in Parque Tayrona because of our Galapagos trip, but the wildlife there should make up for it! I hope everyone is doing great in the states and I'm looking forward to seeing you after 2 more months of travelling!

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