Thursday, May 01, 2008

Around Coban: Caves and swimming
Yesterday, we headed up to the serene town of Lanquín where we stayed in the loft of a thatched hut next to the river. From there we headed out for the day to the caves and swimming adventures of beautiful Semuc Champey. We swam and climbed through a cave carrying a candle (I somehow managed to keep it lit the whole time!) and then jumped off a swing into the river before tubing down it. In case that was not enough adventure for one day, we proceded to hike over to the pristine pools, climbing up to a wonderful lookout point and then swimming through the natural pools and going down the waterfall with a rope ladder and finally jumping into the cool river. It was a great day, but I'm a little sore today from all that climbing. We're staying in Antigua tonight and tomorrow heading out to Lake Atitlan.

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