Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Travel Continues:
Guatemala to Belize and Back to Guatemala
After spending a few days in Antigua, we headed on to Belize. We took about a 5 hour bus ride to Puerto Barrios to cross by a small boat into Punta Gorda, Belize. After a night in the small beach town, we heading on to the island paradise of Caye Caulker. We went out diving at the blue hole, gradually submerging to a depth of about 120 feet, swimming under a cave with stalactite hanging down, and emerging on the other side to shark filled waters. We spent a few more days snorkeling with stingrays, turtles and sharks, chilling on the beach, and watching the beautiful sunsets before heading back to Guatemala. From there we camped out in the middle of the jungle in Tikal and woke up to watch the sunrise from the tallest temple in the Mayan Ruins where we were greeted by spider and howler monkeys and an array of birds including toucans and parrots. Now we are in Coban and heading out to a supposedly bueatiful swimming place in the morning. Travelling so far has been a great life. Pretty much everyone we've met has been friendly and helpful and the sights have been absolutely amazing. I should get some more pictures posted soon.

Here's just a few things I've noticed have changed for me after spending 2 years in Honduras and now interacting with other foreigners.

Results of living in Honduras so long

  • Someone asks you what US bands you like and the only thing that comes to mind is Shakhira and Mana

  • Every meal you eat is the best meal you've ever had

  • You stare at foreigners and have to remind yourself not to pick your nose in public

  • You're immensely impressed by paved roads and think that Burger King is a special treat

  • You expect to be the center of attention

  • You feel a meal without tortillas is incomplete

  • You can ask directions and follow them but a map is impossible to follow

  • You forget how to use a credit card

  • You can cross barbed wires and streams, but a road with a little traffic throws you off

  • You say inappropriate things in English thinking no one can understand

Hasta la proxima.


Patrick McElwee said...

Haha. I love this list. Now, at least, we'll have an excuse for our oddities.

LizMac said...

I'm afraid you two could never find enough excused for your weirdness. But I must agree that I love the list as well.