Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Life Beyond Peace Corps

I've just finished up my 2 years and 3 months of Peace Corps in Honduras!! Before heading back to the US, I'm taking a few months to travel starting now in Guatemala, heading to Belize then back through Honduras and south ending up in Chile and getting back to the US mid August.It's hard to believe the 2 years have already gone by. There were times when it seemed they would last forever, but now it's time to move on. I spent yesterday climbing a volcano (Pacaya) and actually got to walk on lava that dried the day before and poke live lava with a stick, but it was just a little warm. The architecture in Antigua is absolutely amazing with several of the colonial buildings in tact. What I've seen of Guatemala so far seems to be far more develloped than Honduras as far as the infrastructure goes. But of course, I'm also not living with the locals now but am travelling with the tourists. It's nice to have no responsibilities anymore and just have some time to relax and see the world.

Pictures from Antigua

In front of colonial Antigua

Pacaya Volcano


LizMac said...

I'm glad you didn't fall into the flowing lava...it would have been really sad to loose my travel companion so close to our trip ;-)

Jen Croft said...

tarantulas AND volcanos! you wild woman!!!